Utilize Additional Titles

This is the most effective way to be “found” by prospective clients, as it will allow you to appear within more filters within the GigX Network.

The average GigX member has a total of 4 titles listed within their profile.


Maximize Character Count

Be specific and detailed as you share why someone should hire you. Make the most of your character count.

Make sure that your profile has a complete history of the leadership roles you’ve held.

Put the experience you’re most proud of at the top of the list. That way, potential employers will see it first. And, be sure to add a success story!

Within the Experience section, list multiple titles that you’ve performed in the past.  If you were a VP at multiple companies, create the title for Vice President and then share your experience for this role for each company.  If you were an SVP at other companies, share that under a Senior Vice President title.


Upload a Great Profile Picture

Your picture is the first thing potential employers will see, and it’s important to put your best foot (or, in this case, face) forward.

Some tips:

  • Ideal size is 320x350 px, with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi
  • Make sure that your head and shoulders are in the image – avoid awkward cropping
  • A plain, solid-color background is best


Properly Format Your Resume

Here are some tips to ensure that your resume looks nice on any device and/or software:

  • Save your resume as a PDF
  • Make sure that your PDF file is 1MB or less


Add a Video

Give prospective clients a sense of your personality and leadership style with a brief video.

It could be a video version of your resume, or a case study of a past project.

Or maybe it’s just a 2-minute introduction of who you are and why someone should hire you as an independent leader.


Share Your Profile

Let hiring organizations know that you’re open for business. Share your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your personal website.

Some GigX members also include a link to their GigX profile within their email signature. 


Add Social to Your Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?  A Twitter account? A YouTube channel?

As long as your social platforms don’t feature anything you’d be embarrassed to have a client see, add the links to your GigX profile to help solidify your brand.