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The GigX Directory connects organizations seeking top-notch professionals with executives seeking fractional / independent work

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We live in a gig economy

Independent, fractional employment is on the rise. Full-time, career-long jobs are increasingly rare.

In the new gig model, companies can secure top talent and grow more rapidly in an affordable, strategic fashion, without breaking their budgets.

How it Works


Why hire a fractional executive?

  • Affordable

    It’s affordable.

    Hiring a fractional CxO costs a fraction of what you’d pay a full-time executive.

  • Flexible

    It’s flexible.

    You choose how much help you need, and only pay for the amount of support you receive.

  • Location

    Location isn’t a limitation.

    Fractional CxOs often work remotely, which means your hiring pool isn’t limited to executives living near you. Use the GigX Directory to hire seasoned fractional CxOs from around the world.

  • Easy

    GigX makes it easy.

    Hiring the right leadership for your company can be a hassle—and time-consuming. GigX lists C-level talent from across the globe in one easy-to-search directory. 

Are you an independent leader looking to help multiple companies grow?

Learn how GigX can help you secure ongoing fractional work in the new gig economy. Join GigX and add your profile to the directory.

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