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The GigX Directory connects organizations seeking top-notch CxOs with C-suite executives seeking fractional work 

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We live in a gig economy

Independent, fractional employment is on the rise. Full-time, career-long jobs are increasingly rare. In the new gig model, fractional employees can secure a stable income while enjoying greater flexibility. For organizations, hiring fractional support is an affordable, strategic way to grow and thrive.

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Why hire a fractional executive?

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    It’s affordable.

    Hiring a fractional CxO costs a fraction of what you’d pay a full-time executive.

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    It’s flexible.

    You choose how much help you need, and only pay for the amount of support you receive.

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    Location isn’t a limitation.

    Fractional CxOs often work remotely, which means your hiring pool isn’t limited to executives living near you. Use the GigX Directory to hire seasoned fractional CxOs from around the world.

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    GigX makes it easy.

    Hiring the right leadership for your company can be a hassle—and time-consuming. GigX lists C-level talent from across the globe in one easy-to-search directory. 

Are you a C-level or director-level executive?

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