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Fractional Chief Innovation Officer

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Dedicated to the innovation and evolution of the organization. Responsible for managing the innovation process inside the organization that identifies strategies, business opportunities and new technologies and then develops new capabilities and architectures with partners, new business models and new industry structures to serve those opportunities.

JJ Richa

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As a serial entrepreneur who started, ran and exited his own companies and has been helping businesses grow for years, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help companies reach their maximum potential regardless if they are a startup or mature.
Alec Miller

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I can help organizations understand what is possible with analytics, scope out the problems carefully, and manage projects to execute digital solutions. I can help organizations adapt products to enhance their value in the marketplace, and help val...
Barry Hurd

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Holistic "digital first" perspective with deep strategic and technical understanding blended with KPIs founded in data to drive digital innovation across business units.