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Fractional Chief Commercial Officer

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Charged with commercial strategy and development. Involved in activities relating to marketing, sales, product development and customer service to drive business growth and market share. Takes ownership of the customer and the customer interface with the product or service offering, making sure that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives.

David Espinosa

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I specialize in crafting integrated Sales & Marketing teams to penetrate markets, outperform expectations, and boost profitability with focus on customer satisfaction. Extensive background managing P&L in B2C, B2B & B2G business models. Have operated ...
JJ Richa

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As a serial entrepreneur who started, ran and exited his own companies and has been helping businesses grow for years, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help companies reach their maximum potential regardless if they are a startup or mature.
Steve Blanc

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I have 25 years of experience leading and developing sales, service and marketing organizations for a public company. I help companies build sales teams aligned with the company strategy and execute in a professional manner to deliver results.