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Fractional Chief Real Estate Services Officer

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On the corporate side, this function may be similar to a Chief Development Officer, handling new real estate development.  It is also regularly found in private real estate project management which may include lease transactions or improvements for tenants in owned assets (versus tenant improvements by tenant).  This role works in concert with senior leadership to ensure the organization meets its facility / maintenance needs and goals for growth in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws.  They are the central point of oversight for all vendor, brokerage, construction, and consultant teams required for project delivery.  A true bonus is when this person has a background in business, real estate development, property management, construction, and / or architecture.

Craig A Cooper

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Strategic Real Estate Executive with a proven ability to capitalize on market opportunities that drive strong and sustained contributions to revenue, profit and asse...
Brian Prock

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With my multi-faceted experience in real estate and construction projects from due diligence through occupancy, together we can mitigate surprises, leverage team syn...