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Fractional Chief Technology Officer

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Charged with technology and research and development. Oversees the development of technology to be sold commercially. Examines the short and long term needs of an organization, and utilizes capital to make investments designed to help the organization reach its objectives. Leads the technology and engineering department of an organization. Alternately, may be called chief technical officer (CTO).

John Derrick

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Rock solid experience / leadership and confidence. Help drive a vision that everyone can understand and embrace. Create a strategic plan and areas of responsibility that each member of the team can own and drive.
Andrew Hunt

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Consistently recruited, promoted or deployed to improve or transform functional, organizational and individual performance. Relied upon to identify, resolve and eliminate performance issues; mature and optimize IT’s capabilities.
Rick Fox

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With decades of expertise in software: Web, Mobile, Web Services APIs, Integrations, Cloud, etc. and IT: Hardware, Network, Cloud SaaS IaaS PaaS, Ops, NOC, HelpDesk, Disaster Recovery, Compliance, SOX, HIPPA, etc. Rick will get your projects DONE!