23 Nov 2021
By Robertson Hunter Stewart, Author of One to One: Managing quality time with individuals for engagement and success, Management Expert & Coach Why are One to One meetings so important? Well, before we can begin answering this question, let's talk about the importance of communication. If you never meet with your team and employees, you’ll never be able to garner information from… Read
12 Oct 2021
By Andy Spinks, GigX Charter Member & Fractional Chief Information Officer “I want it all, and I want it now!” Queen. “I Want It All.” The Miracle, Capitol Records, 1989. We live in a disposable age where things change all the time and new becomes old very quickly. Short attention spans coupled with lack of patience and the appeal of new and shiny pervades everything we see and… Read
14 Sep 2021
By Chuck Lee, Co-founder of GigX, Inc. Table of contents: Lessons from the Gridiron Winning with Age Diversity Winning with Veteran Players 7 Benefits of Having Veteran Players on Your Team A Winning Strategy   For me, fall is always a reset. The heat of summer begins to fade into anticipation of cooler weather and the beauty of an orange backdrop in the landscape. Kids are back… Read
31 Aug 2021
By Lynn Hargreaves, Fractional Chief Operating Officer and GigX Charter Member I'll admit that I'm a bit cynical about all of the statements coming from companies saying they want to #BeBetter. Having spent my career executing strategies of all shapes and sizes, I am immediately left with the question, “How do you plan to #BeBetter?” After all, without specific goals, action items, and… Read
31 Jul 2021
Table of contents D-Day had a rocky start with huge hurdles to overcome What does D-Day have to do with your career? Is it time for Plan B? 4 steps to create Plan B In Conclusion   D-Day had a rocky start with huge hurdles to overcome “Despite all the best of plans… anybody that’s been in war knows that things are really going to go wrong, and boy did they go wrong on D-Day,”… Read
24 Jun 2021
By Debra Ruh, Co-Founder of Billion-Strong and CEO for Ruh Global IMPACT, and by Nabil Eid, CIO for Ruh Global IMPACT Gender equality remains a significant issue in the corporate world, and there are still some outstanding questions about what will power the future. The involvement and integration of women with disabilities in leading and influencing work is vital. Diversity is… Read
03 Jun 2021
By Chuck Lee, Co-founder of the GigX Fractional CxO Network The gig economy is the modern answer sourcing experienced leadership talent. Many independent workers have difficulty separating themselves from the crowd, as many fields can be hyper-competitive. Here are some of the top tips for succeeding in the gig economy: Keep it human Be flexible and adaptable with your skills Make… Read
27 May 2021
By Anthony Mills, Fractional CInO & CTO You Must Have New Innovation In Order to Drive Top Line Growth Your organization, just like every other organization out there, has to deliver new innovation and not just simply incremental innovation, but rather truly impactful innovation that’s capable of moving the needle. Moreover, just like your competition, your organization really… Read
25 May 2021
Matt Spooner, GigX's Fractional Chief Business Development Officer, shares his viewpoint of transitioning to fractional work in the gig economy. Table of contents Fractional work and how it relates to other types of independent roles The gig economy is growing for leadership roles What makes a person a good fit for independent work How do people get started in fractional or… Read
13 May 2021
By Tony Boobier, internationally recognized expert on data, analytics and AI It is never too soon, or too late, to start to prepare yourself for the Gig Economy. Executives should recognize the changing nature of work, especially as a result of technology changes. Through careful planning and constant effort, they can ensure that they are best placed to lend their experience, impartial… Read