15 Sep 2019
By Chuck Lee, Co-founder of GigX, Inc. For me, fall is always a reset. The heat of summer begins to fade into anticipation of cooler weather and the beauty of an orange backdrop in the landscape. Kids are back at school, and the workforce is hitting it hard after family vacations. And football (American football, that is) is about to kick off and dominate our televisions and… Read
15 Aug 2019
By Bill Ellermeyer, Executive Career Strategist, Ellermeyer Connect The iconic CEO of GE, Jack Welch, once advised: “Change before you have to.” No Gold Watch The way we work today is different from the way our parents worked. Seldom do we hear of someone retiring after 30-40 years with the same company and getting presented with a gold watch. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of… Read
17 Jul 2019
D-Day had a rocky start with huge hurdles to overcome “Despite all the best of plans… anybody that’s been in war knows that things are really going to go wrong, and boy did they go wrong on D-Day,” said General Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.), during an interview about the Normandy invasion. On June 6th, 2019, the U.S. and its Allies paused to commemorate and pay tribute to the 75th… Read
11 Jun 2019
I attended a business conference in the mid 90s whose keynote speaker was Roberto Goizueta, the Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. At that time, Goizueta was a rock star, having built the company into one of the most celebrated global brands with unprecedented shareholder value. As he approached the podium, Goizueta reached into his pocket. The video zoomed in as he held out… Read
17 May 2019
With 2019 hitting its midpoint, analysts are identifying viable trends in the business ecosystem. With the rise of globalization and mobile workforces, fractional leadership and employment have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity for hiring entities around the world. Chuck Lee, Co-founder of the GigX Fractional CxO Directory, is an innovative thought leader in the gig economy… Read
17 Apr 2019
By Angelo Ponzi, Fractional CMO, The Ponzi Group Creating a global brand and messaging strategy makes good business sense. Done right, it has the potential to dramatically expand your consumer base—not to mention your bottom line. Even if your brand is currently limited to the local or regional scene, it’s never too soon to start thinking globally. A brand’s image or reputation is only… Read
11 Mar 2019
Following a successful launch in January 2019, GigX has joined Executive Next Practices (ENP) Forums as a Strategic Partner. With this exciting new relationship, GigX aims to illuminate the rising trend of hiring fractional CxOs to fill leadership positions.  GigX is the leading fractional CxO directory with an expansive database of experienced C-level and director-level professionals… Read
15 Feb 2019
With 2019 well underway, businesses of all sizes are continually seeking out innovative methods to create high-functioning and cost effective teams. To meet the demand, founders John Fox and Chuck Lee launched GigX, the world’s #1 fractional CxO directory with unprecedented success. With an expansive database of fractional executives available for hire, GigX has quickly emerged as the… Read
15 Jan 2019
Growing a startup to its full potential is one of the most challenging feats in business. According to smallbiztrends.com, 82 percent of businesses fail because of cash flow problems. This can be daunting for small businesses, as many CEOs are wearing multiple hats to ensure all necessary tasks are completed. Maneuvering financial and operational challenges requires strong, experienced… Read