09 May 2024
By Robert Fitts, Fractional COO, CFO, CRO, CAO, CEO, COO, CTO & CSO Table of contents: The Paradox of Growth Recognizing the Danger Signs Bridging the Gap Charting the Course Cultivating a Growth Mindset Monitoring Progress Fine-Tuning for Success Conclusion   The Paradox of Growth We’re all familiar with quotes attributed to various people essentially saying that… Read
14 Nov 2022
By Doug Pick, Fractional CEO, CSO, CBO As a seasoned consumer product CEO and recognized leader in the niche of ear plugs, I’ve enjoyed partnering with buyers of the nation’s largest retailers. The game of retail distribution is complicated, competitive and constantly changing. In order to succeed, one must understand the wants, needs and nuances of each player. Below are examples of… Read
08 Nov 2022
By Jeremiah Wanzell, Fractional CGO & CRO  As the old saying goes, “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” When you are managing the day-to-day business there is often little time to think about an exit strategy or perhaps you never even considered an exit strategy. However, as your business matures and you are either approaching retirement, or are a serial entrepreneur ready to… Read
23 Aug 2022
By Paul White, Ph.D. In traditional employer-employee work settings, when team members feel valued and appreciated by their colleagues, significant positive effects on the workplace occur. Benefits include increased employee engagement, reduced staff turnover, greater productivity, and less conflict and negativity. But the question arises: does the concept of communicating appreciation… Read
03 Aug 2022
By Jeremiah Wanzell, Fractional CGO & CRO  There are so many DTC (direct to consumer) brands today that there are literally thousands of them. This explosion of brands is enabled because the barrier to entry is an absolute minimum. You no longer need a software development team to code your website or app to sell your products; nope, all you need is a Shopify account and you’re up… Read
20 Jan 2022
By Kevin Popović, Fractional CXO (FCMO, FCSO, FCIO, FCCO), Founder of Market Ready Index® If the C-Suite was Star Trek, Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (FCMOs) would be the red shirts of the leadership team. Just like our namesakes, we have a very small window within a perilous situation to prove our worth or we’re killed off in dramatic fashion and quickly replaced in the next… Read
23 Nov 2021
By Robertson Hunter Stewart, Author of One to One: Managing quality time with individuals for engagement and success, Management Expert & Coach Why are One to One meetings so important? Well, before we can begin answering this question, let's talk about the importance of communication. If you never meet with your team and employees, you’ll never be able to garner information from… Read
12 Oct 2021
By Andy Spinks, GigX Charter Member & Fractional Chief Information Officer “I want it all, and I want it now!” Queen. “I Want It All.” The Miracle, Capitol Records, 1989. We live in a disposable age where things change all the time and new becomes old very quickly. Short attention spans coupled with lack of patience and the appeal of new and shiny pervades everything we see and… Read
31 Aug 2021
By Lynn Hargreaves, Fractional Chief Operating Officer and GigX Charter Member I'll admit that I'm a bit cynical about all of the statements coming from companies saying they want to #BeBetter. Having spent my career executing strategies of all shapes and sizes, I am immediately left with the question, “How do you plan to #BeBetter?” After all, without specific goals, action items, and… Read
24 Jun 2021
By Debra Ruh, Co-Founder of Billion-Strong and CEO for Ruh Global IMPACT, and by Nabil Eid, CIO for Ruh Global IMPACT Gender equality remains a significant issue in the corporate world, and there are still some outstanding questions about what will power the future. The involvement and integration of women with disabilities in leading and influencing work is vital. Diversity is… Read