Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone become a GigX member and be listed in the GigX Directory?

    Our directory is for anyone director-level and above, including C-level executives. Eligible titles include:

    1. Director and Senior Director
    2. VP, Senior VP, Executive VP
    3. CEO, CFO, CMO and other C-suite titles

    If you’re an executive seeking fractional employment, you can join GigX and create a profile.

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  • I already have a full-time job. Why should I create a profile in the GigX Directory?

    Full-time employment can feel incredibly secure, but there’s no guarantee that your employer will never let you go. By listing in the GigX Directory, you let potential employers know that you’re interested in considering offers. You’re opening yourself up to more options, and having options is another form of security. Whether you accept an offer or not is up to you.

  • I’m already listed with other job sites. Why should I join GigX?

    GigX isn’t a job site. GigX maintains a directory of fractional CxOs, made up of director-level and above executives from around the world. The directory makes it easy for potential employers to find seasoned fractional leadership, as well as experts to speak at conferences and serve on boards of directors. Unlike job sites, our fees are very straightforward. You only pay for an annual membership, nothing more.

  • Besides the annual membership fee, does GigX charge anything when I get hired for fractional roles?


    To elaborate, we don’t make you pay extra when a potential employer clicks onto your resume. We don’t take a percentage of your fractional earnings. Our goal is to make it easy for organizations to find you, so you can get hired.

  • Do companies pay to search for fractional employees?

    No. We don’t charge companies, agents, or search firms anything to use the GigX Directory for fractional hiring. Access is free and unlimited. However, we are exploring a few service offerings to allow potential employers to find you quicker, as they have expressed interest in such a service.

  • How will I know if someone wants to interview me?

    Organizations who are interested in you will contact you directly, either by a GigX email message or phone.

  • What is the difference between CxO and CXO?

    A CXO is a Chief Experience Officer, while CxO is used to describe all "Chief [fill in the blank] Officer" roles. When we refer to Fractional CxO, it is meant to represent all fractional C-level titles.

  • How is fractional different than interim?

    An interim role is full time for a specified period of time. The person performing an interim role, has all their eggs in one basket. A fractional role is meant to be one of many, or one of few, but not the only one. This person spreads their eggs among a number of baskets.

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