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Fractional Chief Product Officer

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Charged with all product-related matters. Usually includes product conception and development, production in general, innovation, user experience, project and product management. Sometimes defends the value proposition of individual products by recognizing and resisting instances where cost reduction or standardization efforts would impede it in ways that operations management may not fully recognize, such as after mergers and acquisitions.

James Hilliard

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People centric leadership, inspirational/visionary product executive, high performance coach and collaborator who operates without ever sacrificing integrity. I seek...
Ursula Dagres Clausing

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Innovative, results-driven marketing leader with 12+ years of experience working in the health and wellness industry in innovation-related roles. Proven track record...
David Giddings

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I combine top tier corporate strategic marketing with e-commerce and Amazon marketing expertise. I can help you launch your start-up brand or transition your B2B bus...