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Fractional Chief Business Officer

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Charged with the administrative, financial, and operations management of the organization. Often, this role combines the roles of CAO (chief administrative officer), CFP (chief financial officer), and COO (chief operating officer).

Tex Vertongen

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CFO/COO with strong manufacturing experience. Experienced in taking a startup through the GFC to a dominant market position with a high level complexity and international exposure. Established track record of creating process improvements, implementing p...
JJ Richa

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As a serial entrepreneur who started, ran and exited his own companies and has been helping businesses grow for years, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help companies reach their maximum potential regardless if they are a startup or mature.
Bennett Marks

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Coaching, Training, Capital Acquisition, Sales Management, & Business Development. I have access to an ecosystem of literally thousands of sources domestically and around the Pacific Rim.