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Fractional Chief Culture Officer

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Either reporting to the CEO or the CHRO, the Chief Culture Officer (CCO) is charged with overseeing the company's human resources, recruiting and education teams.  As culture becomes increasingly vital, organizations are realizing how integral this role is in creating a quality experience for employees, and retaining top talent.  The CCO is often found ensuring recruitment, on-boarding, training and customer service all reinforce the company's culture.

Jeanette Winters

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I have a proven track record of driving change to enhance performance through alignment of people, organizations, and strategies. Organizations can count on me to enable productivity (through individuals and teams), successful use of technology while eff...
Helena Ferrari

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I can optimize and focus your talent towards profit, growth and continuous improvement in order to exceed your businesses strategic goals as well as protecting the company from liability based on individual country legal and cultural requirements.
Ryan Landry

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It all starts at the top. It begins with the leader. The vision has got to be clear. The business has to run off of its people, its systems, and its strategy. Core values have to be lived by with no exceptions. If you aren't growing you are dying. People...