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Fractional Chief Accounting Officer

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Oversees all accounting and bookkeeping functions. Ensures that cost control systems, ledger accounts, and financial statements are working properly. Other focuses include regulatory compliance and practices and collaborating with the CFO in developing financial strategies. Oversees payroll and budgeting processes to ensure the flow of operations, in addition to internal and external audits, and making recommendations and changes to processes.

Stuart Goodman

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Collaborative team builder & trusted advisor to CEO, Board, and VC investors. An entrepreneurial leader with experience working across multiple industries, as well a...
Tex Vertongen

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CFO/COO with strong manufacturing experience. Experienced in taking a startup through the GFC to a dominant market position with a high level complexity and interna...
Mike Kovar

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My CFO experience spans large public companies, middle market and startups. My focus on operations and multiple exits are a testament to the shareholder value that ...