GigX Co-founder Chuck Lee’s Insight on the Gig Economy

Header image - GigX Co-founder Chuck Lee’s Insight on the Gig Economy

With 2019 hitting its midpoint, analysts are identifying viable trends in the business ecosystem. With the rise of globalization and mobile workforces, fractional leadership and employment have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity for hiring entities around the world.

Chuck Lee, Co-founder of the GigX Fractional CxO Network, is an innovative thought leader in the gig economy. With his unique acumen, Chuck has provided his insight on various aspects of the gig economy in a series of published articles.

In one such article, Chuck compares fractional employment to being a farmer back in the pioneer days, when the only way to survive was to collaborate. He mentions how in the early days of the United States of America, agrarian communities survived or failed to the degree that its members helped one another.

"As referrals and fractional employment opportunities are secured, GigX members are reaching out to other members to build strategic teams," says Chuck Lee. “Just like those early farmers, fractional CxOs are discovering the value of helping each other. You share a gig with me, and in the future, I’ll send one your way. We’ll collaborate to serve a client, each lending our expertise to create a strong, cohesive solution.”

In another analogy, Chuck compares fractional CxOs to the mid-1980s unconventional TV hero, Angus “Mac” MacGyver.  Just as MacGyver solved weekly dilemmas with skill and optimism, fractional leaders are utilizing their full set of expertise, experience and resourcefulness to provide business solutions for their clients.

“When it comes to implementing a plan, fractional CxOs are decisive and confident,” says Chuck. “They can evaluate conditions and formulate a plan. They’re forward-thinking and innovative.”

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