GigX Welcomes the Fractional CxO

GigX welcomes the Fractional CxO

With 2019 well underway, businesses of all sizes are continually seeking out innovative methods to create high-functioning and cost effective teams. To meet the demand, founders John Fox and Chuck Lee launched GigX, the world’s #1 fractional CxO Network with unprecedented success. With an expansive database of fractional executives available for hire, GigX has quickly emerged as the leader for sourcing top-level talent.

Experienced director-level and C-suite executives are in high demand. However, these high-ranking professionals are expensive. Hiring a chief operating, financial or marketing executive is not typically within a new company’s budget. Oftentimes, the founder or CEO has to take on multiple roles within the company.

Across the globe, CxOs (with the “x” in CxO defined by the role of the C-level position) have been intrigued by the potential control and flexibility the gig economy offers and, as a result, many have become members of GigX. By seamlessly bridging the gap between fractional CxOs and hiring entities, GigX has become a perfect solution to the gig economy’s demand for C-suite executives.

"It's hard to find good talent out there right now, and this is a good thing for smart companies and smart people," says John Fox. "By accessing a pool of executives who are director level and above, companies have a great deal of flexibility in bringing in a diverse team of C-level leaders. These team members can focus on specific roles that help the company to thrive through various growth stages."

Due to the demand for experienced leadership, GigX was soft launched in November of 2018 and has been attracting top-level executives from around the world. Companies now have the ability to find director-level and C-suite talent to fill leadership gaps in their organizations, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time executives.

“Fractional executives leverage all their knowledge and a full network of resources, just like traditional full-time executives,” says Chuck Lee, “So companies that understand and embrace this reality are truly the direct beneficiaries.”

With over 70 searchable, fractional leadership roles on GigX, companies are able to connect directly with highly skilled officers, after viewing their complete profiles. A completely unique employee Network, GigX offers the public free access to the Network. Additionally fractional CxOs only pay a nominal fee of $289/year to be listed in the GigX Network. Having unlimited access and direct connection to fractional executives empowers companies to enhance their team without having to commit to a permanent salary, contract or benefits.

While the benefits for the hiring companies are clear, CxOs benefit, too. Fractional positions give CxOs flexibility and control not often seen in the corporate world. When an organization and a fractional CxO connect on GigX, they set the terms — how often the CxO will work, and what the compensation will be. GigX doesn’t stand in the middle, nor do they take a percentage of the deal. And by working multiple fractional CxO roles simultaneously, a fractional executive can ensure financial stability should one role come to an end.

“After working for marketing agencies for 25 years, I wanted the flexibility to control my own schedule, while working with growing businesses that have interesting, complex demand-generation problems,” says Mairi B., a Fractional Chief Demand Officer (FCDO) with GigX. “Through GigX, I’ve enjoyed the diversity of companies and markets I’m working with, that all share a need to increase demand and sales conversions. My GigX clients are open to change, and it’s been rewarding to have an immediate impact on their business. Within one week of joining GigX I had two clients lined up and am now at 100% capacity.”

As the economic forecast for 2019 predicts more uncertainty and risks, companies looking to expand into emerging markets can use GigX to develop CxO teams in other countries. GigX provides many benefits and cost savings, as organizations can quickly and confidently enhance their teams with experienced fractional executives. Learn more at

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